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LIVE MUSIC - Bookings & Info

To book the very best live band  for your event fill in the contact form below.

Colin will personally take care of every detail and ensure that you get the very best musicians available for your date.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below and don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

We look forward to playing for you and making your day truly memorable.

Thank you! I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Once we have all the information about your event we can give you the best price possible. We will need to factor in the number of musicians required, any excess travel or time commitments, PA, lighting and even crew if it is a particularly large venue.


So start by telling us:

- What sort of event is it?

- What is your budget?

- What date is it all happening on?

- What's the full address of the venue?

- When do we need to be setup by?

- When does the music have to finish?

- How many people are attending?

And we'll take it from there!

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. Our musicians have extremely busy diaries, so a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. The balance can be paid much nearer the time. A full contract will be issued where necessary but we're very reasonable people!

Can you provide all of our live music for the day? 

Absolutely, we are more than happy to discuss this and will no doubt save you money. If you need reception music earlier in the day followed by a full live band in the evening this is all possible but logistics is key. Equipment may need to be setup in more than one location etc.

What sort of music will you play?

We have played thousands of parties and know what goes down well. It is strongly advisable to include something for all ages, so there will be a mix of everything from current/recent hits, 70's and 80's funk classics, Motown and good 'ole Rock 'n' Roll. There certainly won't be anything you don't recognise or that you won't want to get up (or down) to. Check our Repertoire page for a taste of what we can perform for you.

Can we make requests?

We will tailor our sets and try to accommodate  your tastes by playing (or not playing) certain tunes/artists but it's important to understand that what you like may not be what your guests want to hear all night. If it is a wedding we offer to learn and perform the first dance for you and likewise are happy to learn a special number for other events too.

How long can you play for? 

For reception or party music 90-120 minutes playing is usually more than adequate - better to leave your guests wanting more and go home having had a great night than to lose all the energy and have it fizzle to a close. A short break halfway through is ideal to keep singers and brass players fresh (poor things!). We are happy to play suitable background music through our PA during any breaks in the live performances, or you can provide your own iPod playlist for this purpose if there is no official DJ in attendance.

Why should I consider paying for more musicians? 

Every musician you can add is literally worth their weight in gold and adds so much to a performance and therefore your event.


For reception music a duo can do a very fine job but each additional instrument allows us to play a wider variety of material and keep the sound varied and interesting on the ear. Just like comparing a solo violin to a string quartet or a full orchestra.

For a party band, a minimum of 5 musicians will give you the basic pop/rock setup of Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and a single vocalist (female singers are usually the most versatile). But adding even a single horn brings a whole wealth of new material - all the funk and Motown classics just won't sound the same without one!


If your event is bigger and you need to impress then a 3-piece brass section is ideal for the full effect. You could also consider adding a male vocalist to expand the repertoire and keep the singers fresh, and a percussionist would just be the icing on a very impressive musical cake!

Yes, it costs but the difference with each addition is immense not only musically and the variety of styles we can play but in terms of the energy and visual presence too.


No really, I can't afford it and/or don't have the space...

If your budget or space really is tight, talk to us about our 3-piece party band RETROFUNK. All the soul, funk and disco classics to keep your dance floor filled but in the pocket-sized format of  Lead Female Vocal, Keys/Male Vocal and the funkiest of Bass Guitars, playing to some really well-produced, 'live' backing tracks. There's no drum kit, so we can squeeze into most small rooms.

Do you carry your own PA? 

We carry a powerful, clean and clear Bose PA system as standard but will use whatever is most appropriate for the job and the venue. If the venue is particularly large there may be a need for additional PA, lighting and crew but this can be discussed where necessary.

How long do you need to setup? 

For reception music one hour is usually comfortable. For a party band, 90-120 minutes depending on the lineup, with provision for a sound check to ensure great audio. The longer we have with full access to the performance area the more thorough we can be, the smoother it will all go and the better it will sound. It will also depend on ease of access to the venue for getting equipment in.

Do you need a stage and how big? 

Again this will depend on the type and size of the event. A stage is preferable but not always practical or necessary and would be an additional cost. We can arrange for staging if required but usually this will be organised by the venue. The size would be determined by the size of band you have booked and of course we can provide further details.

Is your equipment PAT tested and insured? 

Yes, we carry full insurance and our equipment is regularly checked and updated.

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