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Don't You Worry Project
Mass Isolated Charity Recording Project

With this project, I originally set out to show some s

olidarity with all the professional musicians I have had

the pleasure of working with that are struggling through

the Coronavirus outbreak. All are self-employed and have

lost all their work until long after this is over. However,

I've become increasingly aware that this may be the least

of our problems.

I know of one family member and one friend who has died of cancer at home in the last two weeks (April 2020) and one of our contributors was recently diagnosed with a form of Leukemia and has been self-isolating with his family but continues his charity work and entertaining the world via social media.


This is now for them and all other cancer patients who must be suffering appallingly and must be deeply concerned about their care and how they will cope through this epidemic. Everyone is suffering in some way but whatever you can do to support them in this time of need is so gratefully received and appreciated. I hope you enjoy the music - it's been a long road to get this together (and I used to think getting a 10-piece band together was hard work!).

Please show your support for us as musicians by showing support for this very worthy cause.


Thank you so much!


Colin Willsher


Countess Mountbatten Logo.jpg
When The Big Band Starts To Swing
Acapella Music Video

I wrote this barbershop-style song in 2007 as a musical challenge to myself.

Originally just performed with a few friends, it was entered into and won it's class in Southampton Festival of Music and Drama the same year.


I had recorded all the parts myself in order to help the other singers to learn it and never published that recording but on returning to it recently I felt it still sounded ok and with a new green screen studio to try out I thought it deserved another airing with a brand new video.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Oh My Heart
Debut Song Release

A heart-melting video that was 45 years in the making!


Here's to life, love and family.  :-)


Written, performed, recorded, produced and directed by Colin Willsher with not a little help from my film buddy Steve Bowles at Eyewitness Productions.

Many thanks to all my wonderful friends and performers who helped to realise this piece of work. This is really quite special, if only to me but I do hope you enjoy it too!

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