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Probably the best all-round showcase of Colin's work was produced during the COVID19 lockdown in April 2020,  when he brought together (at home) 121 professional musicians to produce a mass-isolation recording and video project featuring Stevie Wonder's iconic, feel-good hit  'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing'.

This unique rendition was shared between 40 vocalists, 13 drummers, 11 bass players, 15 guitarists, 12 keyboard players, 29  horns and a cello! All are musicians that Colin has worked with over 40 years with contributors from France, Spain, New York, London and many from his home city of Southampton, UK. The track also features the voice of twice BBC Best Jazz Vocalist winner, Ian Shaw.

The project took 14 hours a day for two months - organising, arranging, recording, mixing and video editing in 3D. It reached 7,000 views  in the first 3 days and raised £2000 for Colin's local Mountbatten Hospice.

Enjpy the music and please continue to support this amazing charity.

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